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(here I keep links to my other pages such as home, homework schedule, and weekly agenda)

c l a s s e s

( keep pages for each class you have so you can keep your notes organized!)

I move them over to the gallery when the semester is over so only my current classes are under this section

s c h o o l l i n k s

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“be proud of your progress”


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college in review

s c h e d u l e

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Untitled Database

(here is an a example of a homework scheduler)

  1. create a table and start inputing assignments from your syllabus

  2. include tags for the class, type of assignment, and due date [ this will be helpful for filtering through. your assignments for due dates and or just by class]

to filter simple hit the filter button and choose whatever system works for you [ i made it so if anything was marked completed it no longer showed on the table]

  1. you can change the view to calendar by hitting new and choosing from the options